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Healthy Homemade Granola

Healthy Homemade Granola

Making healthy homemade granola is both fun and very easy, but most of all, it’s so delicious. So many times I find myself going to the jar just to nibble on some granola as a snack. You can make your own granola combination by using whatever ingredients you like and have on hand. *This post […]

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Easy Homemade Toffee Bits

Easy Homemade Toffee Bits

Homemade Toffee bits are so easy and quick to make. Sprinkle them on top of ice cream, incorporate them into cookies or brownies, or even add them to your morning pancakes or muffins for a delightful crunch. They also make a fantastic gift when packaged in a decorative jar or tin. You make them in

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Homemade vanilla extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Make your own vanilla extract with just two ingredients and your baking goods will taste even better. Vanilla extract is almost always used in baking. In addition to baking, you can use the vanilla extract as a flavor when you make homemade ice cream or why not add a little vanilla flavor to your cocktail.

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