Greek Iced Coffee

Greek Iced Coffee – Frappe, Freddo cappuccino & Freddo espresso

Let’s explore the world of iced coffee, specifically Greek Iced coffee variations such as Frappe, Freddo Cappuccino, and Freddo Espresso.

As the summer heat sets in, there’s nothing quite like savoring a refreshing cup of iced coffee. Interestingly, these three coffee beverages have their origins in Greece. While Frappe has long been hailed as the iconic Greek iced coffee, the options have expanded over time to include Freddo Cappuccino and Freddo Espresso.

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Frappe was invented in 1957 in Thessaloniki by Dimitris Vakondios who was looking for a way to get his usual instant coffee during his break but could not find any hot water, so he mixed the coffee with cold water and ice cubes in a shaker. And that was how frappe was invented.

But they did not end there: in 1993, the Greeks also invented Freddo cappuccino and Freddo espresso.

Exploring the Differences and How to Make Them.


Greek Iced Coffee - Frappe
Greek Iced Coffee – Frappe
  • Add 1-3 tsp instant coffee  Nestlé Nescafe, sugar (according to taste) and a ½ shot of cold water.
  • Whisk or shake the mixture until a thick, creamy froth forms.
Making Greek Iced Coffee - Frappe
  • Pour the mixture into a tall serving glass.
  • Then add ice cubes and milk if you want, finally fill the glass with cold water and serve with a straw.

Freddo espresso

Greek Iced Coffee - Espresso Freddo
Greek Iced Coffee – Freddo Espresso
  • Pour one to two shots of hot espresso Espresso into a metal container.
  • Then mix with a drink mixer or in a cocktail shaker with 3 ice cubes and sugar (optional). The contrast in temperatures between hot and cold is what creates the signature foam when mixed.
Greek Iced Coffee - Espresso Freddo
  • Pour the Freddo espresso into a low drinking glass with a few extra ice cubes.

Freddo cappuccino

Greek Iced Coffee - Cappuccino Freddo
Greek Iced Coffee – Freddo Cappuccino
  • Freddo Cappuccino is basically a Freddo Espresso with creamy foam on top. If you prefer milk in your coffee, this is for you!
  • Its froth is created by putting a few ice cubes in a glass and pouring enough milk to cover the ice cubes. Use a drink mixer, froth it until it is light and fluffy. Nespresso aeroccino milk frother also makes cold milk froth.
  • Skimmed milk is usually preferred because it generates a longer lasting foam compared to whole milk.
  • Add ice cubes and Freddo espresso mixture in a low drinking glass and then add the milk froth on top. Sprinkle some cinnamon or cocoa powder on top.

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