Lemon, Ginger, and Spinach Smoothie

Spinach, Ginger, and Lemon Smoothie

Get ready to feel great with this Lemon, Ginger, and Spinach Smoothie! It’s bursting with flavor and packed with all the good stuff to give you a boost. This drink will make you feel refreshed and energized. Don’t let the spinach intimidate you. You’ll get all the vitamins without compromising on taste! Let’s explore the […]

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Candied Pomelo Peel and Pith

Candied Pomelo Peel and Pith

I was recently introduced to Pomelo and I fell in love with this giant citrus fruit. But I felt that the thick rind was a waste to throw away, so I wondered if it would be possible to make some sweets with it. Then I discovered that in Asia, they make candied pomelo peel and

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Macerated Strawberries in Ouzo

Macerated Strawberries in Ouzo

Every strawberry season, I always make macerated strawberries in Ouzo. Macerated strawberries are one method more than they are a recipe. It is one of the simplest techniques to bring out the taste and color of slightly under-ripe strawberries. I just prefer a splash of ouzo, just to get a hint of the anise taste.

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