Greek lentil soup - Fakes

Greek Lentil Soup – Fakes

Get ready to savor the rich heritage of Greek lentil soup, known as Fakes. This timeless dish has been enjoyed for generations. Each spoonful takes you on a culinary journey through history, allowing you to appreciate the tradition and wholesome goodness of this beloved soup. Greek lentil soup – fakes, is a traditional Greek dish […]

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Butter Chicken - Murgh Makhani

Butter Chicken – Murgh Makhani

Butter chicken, also known as Murgh Makhani, is a beloved Indian dish that has gained popularity worldwide for its rich flavours and creamy texture. It’s a culinary masterpiece that showcases the vibrant flavours of Indian cuisine. Whether you’re a fan of spicy dishes or enjoy creamy delights, butter chicken is sure to satisfy your cravings

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Greek Kritharoto with Shrimps and Feta

Greek Kritharoto with Shrimps and Feta

Greek Kritharoto (Orzo pasta) with Shrimps and Feta is a delightful dish that brings joy and flavor to your table. With its simple yet delicious combination of ingredients, easy preparation steps, and vibrant Mediterranean flavours, it is a must-try recipe. Every bite, filled with juicy shrimps and tangy feta cheese, will transport you to the

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Eggs au gratin with Béchamel sauce

Eggs au gratin with Béchamel sauce

Eggs au gratin is a delicious, filling dish that is perfect for brunch. Hard-boiled eggs, crispy bacon bits with a nutmeg-scented béchamel sauce topped with melted cheese.  Serve on a slice of bread with some salad. Treat yourself to this irresistible combination of flavours and enjoy a satisfying and comforting meal. Perfect to make if

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Swedish Caviar/Roe Pizza

Swedish Caviar/Roe Pizza

Swedish caviar/roe pizza is perfect when you want to add that little bit of extra luxury. This is one of my favorite dishes. It can be served as a starter, finger food or at the buffet. I love recipes that are quick and easy to prepare and this recipe is one of them. You can

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Swedish Fish Soup With Saffron and aioli

Swedish Fish Soup With Saffron

This lovely Swedish fish soup with saffron gets its brilliant sunny yellow color and delicious flavor from saffron, garlic and tomato paste. This soup is something in between a soup and a stew. It is hearty and filling with salmon, cod, prawns and mussels. Don’t let the long ingredient list put you off. The majority

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Mediterranean Lentil Salad

Mediterranean Lentil Salad

Mediterranean lentil salad is a filling, healthy salad. It’s perfect for lunch, as a side dish or as a vegetarian main dish.  These tiny legumes are protein and fiber powerhouses, they’re easy to cook, and they have a delicious earthy flavor that adds to all sorts of dishes. This Mediterranean lentil salad is super simple

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